How it all started

Mama Moon Candles are candles made by my spiritual warrior self (that’s Semra for those who don’t know me!) and are individually hand poured by me in my kitchen in London.

I love creating beautifully scented magical candles and potions, which are infused with positive energy, healing and the manifestation of all things meta-physical through the mystique and magic of a flickering flame.

The development of Mama Moon Candles is a natural extension of my 20-year practice in reiki, crystal therapy and moon rituals and my desire to create ritualistic tools that are accessible to all.


The Alchemy

I am passionate about the use of aromatic oils to maintain and heal the mind, body and spirit and my unique blends of specific scents are used in rituals to awaken the unconscious, they’re quite powerful so make sure you’re in the right head space when lighting them! Their magical energy can activate special powers and influence mood and my friends and fellow candle lovers swear by her unique fragrance combinations to help manifestation on the physical plane.

My candles represent all of nature’s elements: Earth, represented by the candle wax; Water reflected by the melted wax pool; Fire represented by the flame and Air, which is the smoke… Each candle’s scent is associated with the hidden fifth element of spirit. The candles also possess symbolic aspects that can assist with specific intentions and manifestations, such as psychic awareness, love, protection, cleansing and healing.

All Mama Moon Candles and potions are made within a protective circle filled with positive energy, while the oil blends are infused with crystals relevant to the spell for extra cosmic vibes.

My background is rather unconventional: I was a fashion stylist for over a decade which has led me down that bohemian entrepreneur road now but I also possesses a talent for performance art too (who would think it?!). I have, however, definitely found my spiritual home and have returned to my first love; healing and positivity with my magical scented candles and potions. “